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The first of anything is usually a momentous occasion that incites celebration (if it is a good first, that is.  We aren’t talking about your first broken arm or your first car crash.  Think positive people).  The first time I learned how to tie my shoe, I remember the high five my mom gave me and there were smiles all around.  The first time I brought home a bonafide paycheck, I placed the stub on my wall and strutted proudly around my room in the new shoes my short-lived earnings gained me.  My first kiss required an initial...

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I like it hard. The firmness, warmth and structure feel wonderful in my mouth.  It is an unmatched comfort that I look forward to enjoying on a regular basis.  Some like it soft. I guess it is a personal preference, but they don’t know what they are missing. How do you like your polenta? Whether you have experienced the joys of polenta or not, most of us (especially black folk and particularly soulful others) have had grits. News flash: They are the same thing! Secret: Us culinarians have devised a strategic system to confuse and...

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Just for fun, I asked my friend if she knew what risotto was and she replied, “not really, but I know it is something I can’t make.”  Hmmm… you can open up your own business and raise 2 kids, but you can’t make risotto.  That doesn’t seem like it adds up, does it?  Further in my risotto exploits, I made some risotto for another friend and she asked, “So, what box did you start with?”  After I got through being appalled at the suggestion that I would use a box and reminding her that I am in...

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 My food and I come from good stock.  My mother, who is awesome, has taught me the values and life lessons that have made me the woman I am today. The most important lesson I have learned: always listen to your mother. Despite my residual teenage rebellious tendencies, I know (sometimes grudgingly) that she is always right (sigh… there is going to be no living with her now that I have openly admitted that lol).  So when my mommy says that she ‘recommends’ I write about how to make good stock because her friend has an...

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Despite my better judgment, I fear failure.  I know that faith should help me transcend my fear, but in the back of my mind I keep saying, “You know, I don’t know what the heck I am doing!  Can anyone else tell?” (Come on, you know you have thought that too.  Fess up.)  I am a 20-something year-old woman with grandiose plans to open a catering business, grow that business and take over the world (the last part is a bit of a stretch, but only a little).  Without my 100% faith in God and the path that He has put me on, I...

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Revelation: I like food that tastes good.  This may seem like a very obvious statement, but when was the last time you really tasted something?  A lot of the food we eat is good to us because it is familiar, not because the flavor dances on our palates.  I want palate dancing food, gosh darn it!  If you know me, you know that I have an extreme weak spot for Wendy’s (#6 Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo, medium size, no tomatoes, add cheese and pickles with a coke).  However, recently, I began to question whether my Wendy’s...

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There is a reason the act of fine cooking is called “culinary arts” versus “culinary slap-it-on-a-plate” or “culinary piles of nasty looking food.”  Besides the sometimes painstaking technique involved in making food taste amazing, making the dish look appetizing is equally as important.  It takes a true artist to create a nutritious, Michelle Obama approved meal and turn it into a thing of beauty. Sexy food is more than just plopping the recommended portions in the appropriately colored space on the...

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Legend has it that early in the morning, while this Princess is still dreaming of her latest Navarin D’Agneau Printanier (lamb stew, sub beef) triumph, dutiful observers of the culinary arts begin to descend upon their holy site: Restaurant Depot.   They come from quaint mom and pop establishments and classy catering companies in a myriad of vehicles ranging from small cars to light rigid trucks.  While it is known that they arrive in a constant stream that undulates in trickles and droves throughout the day, the annals are a bit...

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Picture this: Homemade, fresh pasta noodles straight out of the pot after being boiled. Smell their bread-y, pasta-y goodness. Feel the warm steam against your face. Slippery yet satisfying. The sensation takes you back to your childhood and mom putting a big bowl of “spisghetti” in front of you with tender care. Now picture all of your fond memories that surround pasta. Birthdays, weddings, your trip to Roma, the guy you met on your trip to Roma… Now remove the sauce (from the pasta, not the guy).  Kind of depressing,...

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Tourné (tore-nay): 1. v. French “to turn.” 2. n. An oblong-shaped cut for vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or squash that provides a distinctive and consistent appearance to the food item being served. The product is 2 inches long, 3/4 inch in diameter with seven sides and flat ends. The difference between a cook and a chef is the pursuit of perfection and the ability to attain it.  Before I entered culinary school, never did I once say to myself, “hey self, let’s take a potato and cut it into 7 even...

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