Menu options listed below only represent a small portion of Aleya’s offerings.
I am able to create many more tantalizing dining selections. All you have to do is ask!

Please contact me for pricing.



Country Breakfast Casserole 
Baked Egg Dish with Potatoes, Spinach, Chicken Sausage and Cheese

Eggs Benedict
Soft Poached Eggs on English Muffin with Canadian Bacon topped with Hollandaise Sauce.  Canadian Bacon can be substituted by Crab or Smoked Salmon

Shrimp and Scallion Scramble
Whole Egg Scrambled with Fresh Shrimp and Scallions

French Omelet with Fine Herbs
Classic tri-fold French Omelet with Fine Herb mixture of Parsley, Thyme, Tarragon and Chervil

Assorted Quiche
Light and Fluffy French Quiche with a variety of savory flavor additions, such as Spinach, Bacon, Cheese, and Bell Pepper

Country Potatoes
Baby Red Bliss Potatoes Sautéed with Onions, Bell Pepper and Spices

Pommes Anna
Elegantly shaped Potato dish made from thinly sliced layers of Potato arranged to resemble a flower

Sweet Corn Cakes
Slightly Sweet Mini-Corn Cakes served with Fruit Kissed Chantilly Cream and Fresh Fruit

Assorted Berry Fruit Salad
Berry choices vary depending on the season