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I resolve to be a better business owner.
I resolve to not leave my baby (my blog) alone for this long again.
I resolve to explore new ingredients.
I resolve to take my cooking to even greater heights.
I resolve to have my clients fall in love with my food with every bite.
I resolve to make Culinary Princess Catering the choice catering company in the Los Angeles Area and beyond.
I resolve to pray over my loves, talents and my business daily.
I resolve to maintain a clear, focused, motivated mindset to achieve my goals.
I resolve to help others become successful.
I resolve to curb my fascination with donuts (this might be the hardest one to keep.)

New Years resolutions are corny, or so I have always said.  Maybe I never made them because I never felt truly resolved to do anything mind-blowingly amazing in the past.  Maybe I was afraid of professing my commitments because I was afraid of the accountability that would naturally follow.  Either way, it feels good to have a purpose that I care about enough to make a resolution about.  I look back and read some of my first posts (Passion. and Purpose.) and am overcome with a feeling of being so blessed that I have come this far in such a short amount of time.  I am extremely interested in seeing where a bit of resolve can take me.

Most people say that their New Years resolutions last for a max of six months.  During the warm summer months their lofty plans are faint memories in the recesses of their minds and by the time the festive New Years hats and champagne are broken out once again, they have forgotten what their last resolution was (or they look down at what are still not washboard abs and just keep drinking with a sense of disappointment tinged with self-pity).  My resolutions are not like that.  I resolve to keep my resolve (Ha!  A double resolution.  Beat that! Hehe).

It is only the sixth day of the New Year and I am already on my way to helping several of my goals come to fruition.  Step 1) I am writing this blog entry and apologizing to all of my readers for having been away for way too long.  Not making excuses, but starting a business while going to school is a bit time consuming IJS.  Step 2) I bought some new marinated goat cheese yesterday.  While it may not be a long-named fruit no one has ever heard of, it is still a new-ish flavor.  Gotta give myself kudos for the little things.  Step 3) Culinary Princess Catering has some great new things in the works that I hope will make you smile, and make you hungry (I am mostly banking on the hungry part).  While I have many more steps to take in the pursuit of my goals, I know that I have no choice but to be successful.

Sorry this post doesn’t contain a recipe, witty diatribe on the degradation of our society at the hands of fast food or a tip on how to cook like the pros.  But, I hope that my resolve can be contagious.  I pray that your resolutions are more successful than they were last year and that you have found the purpose that makes you want to make a resolution in the first place.

With that I leave you with the immortal words of Drake and Trey Songz… “I just want to be successful”

Turn your resolve into attainable goals, speak life into your dreams and be blessed.