What Services Do I Provide?

I enjoy helping clients fulfill their culinary needs and pride myself in being attuned to how I can best be of service.  There are many different ways to utilize my Private/Personal Chef Services:

Daily Meals

Allow me to prepare lunch and dinner for you in the comfort of your home.  Don’t get stuck in a rut of the same rotating 10 entrees, when I can create interesting, tasty and exciting new menus to you.  I am a great listener and will do my best to ensure that all of the menus presented take into account your taste preferences.  Full daily meal service includes menu design, grocery shopping, kitchen management and organization, food prep, serving and clean up.  I work well with individuals with special dietary concerns and goals and love cooking for adults and children.  Please contact me for pricing information.

Weekly Meals

Don’t need to have meals prepared on a daily basis, but want to make sure there is always something yummy in the refrigerator?  Then weekly meals are for you!  I would come to your home 1-3 times per week and prepare several meals to leave in your refrigerator for later consumption.  Just like with daily meals, all menu items are custom made to your dietary specifications. Please contact me for pricing information.

Special Occasion Meals

Have an anniversary, birthday or holiday gathering coming up that you would love to have a professional chef cook for?  Want to have a group of friends over, but you would rather spend time enjoying the conversation than slaving away in the kitchen?  I would love to provide you the flexibility of enjoying those quality moments with your friends and loved ones while you eat great food.  Please contact me for pricing information and availability.

Dietary Consultation

Are you unsure of what to eat to lose weight?  Gain weight?  After surgery?  Allow me to help you by putting together custom menus that you can prepare and advise you on what foods would be best for you to consume based on your needs.  This service is highly customizable.  Call me so we can talk about how I can help you!

In-Home Cooking Classes

Let me show you how fun, easy and yummy cooking for yourself, your family and your loved ones can be.  You may be motivated to dust off your oven mits and strap on an apron because you want to impress your significant other.  Maybe you want to make more nutritious meal options for you and your family.  Regardless of what leads you on your quest for cooking knowledge, I can be your guide.  ​​I currently offer in-home cooking classes that are specifically tailored to what you want to learn.  I will bring all of the necessary equipment, including the food, so all you and your friends have to do is open up your minds to learn something new. Please contact me for pricing information.

Special Considerations

Have another culinary need that is not mentioned above?  No problem!  I am available to be your foodie guru.  Just give me a call